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Upcoming Events

Heirs of Grace is a church that is all about the Father's business, and His business is about His people, the Body of Christ. Our prayer is that our Special Events are appealing to people that have never joined us for service or a special event. We believe that the doors should be open to everyone, not just the "religious" or "christians". Jesus made it clear that He (and others) would know us by how we loved one another. Though all walks of life are welcome, we will never compromise the message of the Gospel.  In our blessed diversity, we welcome you to whatever special event that we are hosting.  Not because we are good...but because God is good. Be sure to check out "Look Out For These Events" to mark your calendars for future upcoming events. To God be the glory!

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I AM J.a.m.

Here at Heirs of Grace, we believe that "worship" is how we live our lives (Romans 12:1). Do we honor God with our life? That's for another message:). Singing and praising God with music and testimony is something that we love to do. When God gave the vision, it was all about unity within the Body, coming together to worship Christ. Our prayer is this, that church walls that divide believers will fall and though we are different, we will worship the same Jesus together; the One who died on that cross to seek and save what was lost (Luke 19:10).  
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