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Silver Pines Church

One day, as I was driving by the row of nursing homes located in our town; The Holy Spirit reminded me of all the people that are living in their latter days and may not know Christ. What was I doing? I was literally driving by a multitude of people almost daily who more than likely are contemplating...what's next? At that moment, we realized that the fields located on Loop 150, were ripe for a harvest. The first service we wept and left Silver Pines completly undone. The people were so grateful that we would be holding service there every 4th Sunday, they praised God together and the testimony began. Gods people joining together, outside the walls we call church to become the Church. Recognizing that what God was doing for Silver Pines, He was actually doing for Heirs of Grace. It is an honor to worship with our SPC family.  You should consider joining us! You never know whose life you will touch. Glory to God!

When: 4th Sunday                                 What Time: 9:20 AM - 11:00 AM

Nursing Home Ministry

The nursing home ministry is a necessary service churches should provide for the elderly of the community. Churches need to be proactive because taking care of the weak and elderly is part of who we are. And, it is another way to evangelize and spread God's love to those who may be confused of who God really is. If you were left in a strange place, alone and feeling forgotten, knowing that your time is short, would you want someone to sit and visit with you? Who knows, we may be visiting you someday! Live love Church! All for God's glory!!


Text 512.748.7931

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