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"when you do this for the least of these brothers, you do it for Me"

Church Under the Bridge

I myself was guilty at one time,  sterotyping the homeless like I really understood the problem...or the person that I was constantly judging. When I discovered that over 50% of our homeless aged out of foster care, I wept. When I saw with my own eyes and talked to countless veterans from Vietnam to Afganistan, I wept. When I sat with the elderly in wheel chairs and asked God why, I wept. You see, there is a solution to any crisis in one's life, His name is Jesus. Jesus makes a declaration from Genesis to Revelation; only you can do it, but you can't do it alone. Our approach is never to tell them where they went wrong or how to fix their problem; only to share that there is hope in this world and His name is Jesus. That my friends is the essence of who we are in Christ; to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. To God be the glory!

Heirs of Grace meets Under the Bridge every 2nd Sunday. Contact Billy for more info. God is so good!



To aid and provide real physical and tangible needs that the homeless need to survive. To become selfless so that the people we meet and the people we serve, see Christ, not Heirs of Grace.

To God be the glory!


Our vision is simply this, to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus. Using our everything God has gifted us with so that the seeds planted will grow as we continue to water. "For we plant, we water and God brings the increase".

To God be the glory!

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