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Jesus in the Park

Bastrop TX, Fishermans Park 7/3/24

What is Jesus in the Park? Well to be completely honest, Jesus in the Park was started by a few guys that love Jesus, but didn't fit in the box of organized religion. Good thing Heirs of Grace is not a religious bunch of folks! Though we are all about outreach, we also know and believe what the Word of God makes clear about assembling together in worship and community - it is (should be) a vital part of our daily walk. The truth is, we need each other in this crazy world that is our temporary piece of dirt. Gathering with the Church is one of my favorite things to do. We are the Church! And the best part of our church family is this; walls do not hold us or define us. We are the Church everywhere that the Good Lord leads us. Yes, even in the Park. Hope to see you there! bh

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